Subject Re: Garbage, was Re: [firebird-support] SubSelect problems
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 15:36:31 -0500, Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>jasajona wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Right now I came to the point that it is impossible to backup that
>> database. The same thing happening not just with my selects but even
>> with gbak. this is my
>> database. If it is not a bug of firebird what I can do wrong to make
>> even gbak work super slow. I tryed to restart server, result stays the
>> same.
>The problem is that you've got table that's got lots of deleted records
>that need to be removed from it and an index with lots of duplicates.
>Any program that uses that table starts trying to clear out the deleted
>records and runs smack into the index.
>Your best choice is to identify that index and deactivate it. That will
>bring the performance back. If the index is part of a foreign key
>constraint, you'll have to delete the constraint.

Hmmmm.... You know this beast much better than me, Ann...
But what if she perform a "select count() from t1" style
query in the same txn she made the massive delete?
Could this helps?