Subject Re: Garbage, was Re: [firebird-support] SubSelect problems
Author Ann W. Harrison
jasajona wrote:
> Hello,
> Right now I came to the point that it is impossible to backup that
> database. The same thing happening not just with my selects but even
> with gbak. this is my
> database. If it is not a bug of firebird what I can do wrong to make
> even gbak work super slow. I tryed to restart server, result stays the
> same.

The problem is that you've got table that's got lots of deleted records
that need to be removed from it and an index with lots of duplicates.
Any program that uses that table starts trying to clear out the deleted
records and runs smack into the index.

Your best choice is to identify that index and deactivate it. That will
bring the performance back. If the index is part of a foreign key
constraint, you'll have to delete the constraint.