Subject Re: [firebird-support] Exporting data from clients to a central database
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 13-Jan-2005 17:20:51, Diego Barros wrote:
> I am thinking of setting up triggers which fire when inserts and updates
occur. These triggers are placed on the tables which I want to transport
back to head office. Each of these tables will have a date/time field,
> called LastUpdated, and this field is what the export process looks at to
see which records have changed (or been inserted) since the last export.

What we normally do is to have ALL of our transactional access done through
Stored Procedures, which then would give you a guaranteed place to fire off
another SP when the appropriate transaction occurs that triggers the data to
be sent to the other system.

But to be honest, in these days of B2B transactions, I'd just forget about
doing this at the database level and create a SOAP web service transaction
to your head office with the data in XML format. Its just so much easier to
work with this way, but it assumes your headoffice have some available web
server to receive the requests as they come in.

Then again, I don't know your full requirements, so its all just talk at
this point...


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