Subject Config issue?
Author jonald48
Hi, I have been developing a gaming app using Firebird SS 1.5 on linux
for a year or so now and it works great 99.99% of the time, but it's
that .01 that bugging me.

For no apparent reason I get:

"unable to complete network request to host "localhost"

after 100's or 1000's of transactions and then the next transaction
works just fine. Do I need to configure more connections, or what?
I'm using the C programing API with a C++ wrapper around it. It seems
very reliable except for this occasional error.

Point two. I was reading through some FB docs on a sight I can't
recall and I ran across something similar to this statement.

"If you declare your connection in the plain form '/dbdir/file.fdb'
then your connection is NOT thread safe. You should always use the
remote form 'dbserver:/dbdir/file.fdb' to insure a thread safe
connection, even on a local connection."

I've never seen nor heard anything like this before. Is this true?