Subject Re: [firebird-support] Classic process priority
Author Ivan Prenosil
> Does anyone know how to increase the priority of the classic server
> processes on Win 2000 server? FB version 1.5.2
> The reason behind this all is that there was a pretty hefty stored
> procedure in the db that has to be run once an hour. I was using
> superserver and everything hung when the procedure ran (this started
> after I upgraded to 1.5 from a really old yaffil classic server). I
> changed the code so that most of the calculations were with the
> application as opposed to the db, but this still wasn't too great. I
> made the move to classic last night and it's made things better. _But_
> the app is on the same machine as the server and it's started hogging
> the cpu.
> Any other ideas of what might work would be appreciated.

If the application is hogging the cpu, wouldn't it be better
to decrease app priority instead of increase Firebird priority ?

Also, did not your stored procedure make lot of updates ?
It would use lot of RAM for undo-log, which can slow down
everything considerably. Can you split SP to several smaller pieces
that can be executed separtely ? (or just process smaller number
of records at once).