Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Broken Database after system crash on W2K
Author Tim
At 15:20 12/01/2005, you wrote:

>I agree, but I already know how to deploy a reliable system. I only
>want to know why this occurr always on W2K and not in Linux. Perhaps
>I've done a wrong db configuration, or simply W2K is not reliable
>after power failures...

IMHO, the people you need to ask are Ann Harrison and/or Helen. In my
experience, windows has a large cache that it (the O/S) manages. It writes
stuff to this cache before writing to disk. I think (and I am not sure)
that Windows has a larger cache than Linux does; or maybe Linux handles
things completely differently; or that Windows uses a single (large) cache
for all the running programs before writing to Disk.

Because the OS manages this cache, not even a commit writes stuff to disk

Anyway - the problem of corrupted DBs doesn't only apply to FB. I have had
exactly the same experience using dBase. You have to force the OS to write
to disk immediately after a post in order to ensure that it does get
written before anything else happens.

I think that one of the reasons windows takes so long to shut down is that,
apart from all the other stuff it has to do, it also has to write all the
stuff in this cache to disk.



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