Subject Re: [firebird-support] Highly variable text data
Author Ann W. Harrison
Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu wrote:
> I have some data like a URL That will vary in size. I don’t need to index it
> or other. Would it be better as a memo insetad of a varchar? A varchar will
> always use 250 bytes (or whatver) I set it at ,while a memo will be more
> dynamic in use no?

A varchar will be stored on disk with the trailing blanks compressed to
two bytes. A memo field will use eight bytes plus 17 bytes (blob header
& page index) plus the length of the data on page, plus data. A varchar
will use its declared length plus two bytes in a network transfer (I
think - there's been talk about changing that and I don't know the
current status), but a blob is a whole separate call.

Use a varchar.