Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird vs. MS SQL Server
Author Martin Catherall
>> I believe that, since I've seen similar things myself. But try
pulling the plug
>> out of computer while doing that... guess which one didn't even
notice it
>> happened, and which one got database corrupted... :)

so, it is true that IB expert can lose power directly in the middle of
an insert and NOT corrupt the database.
I beleive that MSSQL would mark the database as suspect in this
situation, and a restore would probabally need to happen.
I believe MSSQL keeps track of inserts / updates ect through a flag and
if this flag is set to the wrong value when the database server is
restarted then the database is marked as suspect.
However a UPS can greatly help in this situation, again I guess this
comes down to money :)



Milan Babuskov


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