Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs. MS SQL Server
Author Milan Babuskov
Rafael Szuminski wrote:
> Do not discount MSDE so easily. A few months back we put up FB1.5 vs
> MSDE 2000 in a fairly large insert/update/read test. We had 40 clients
> executing a scripted test of inserting 100 tousand records and and
> then reading them back (every record had a fairly large BLOB embeded,
> altogether aproximately 750 MB of data)
> Well, FB1.5 was almost 40% slower in this test then MSDE.

I believe that, since I've seen similar things myself. But try pulling the plug
out of computer while doing that... guess which one didn't even notice it
happened, and which one got database corrupted... :)

Milan Babuskov