Subject Re: [firebird-support] AMD64
Author Claus Heeg
Why changing if things run well ?

I only checked 8.1 iwth FB but I dont have no knowledge with 9.2 64
bit kernel in connection with FB103 ?!
But if you are willing to run a self-test on that ...
keep me updated -
btw I have to corecct myself
-we have the mainboard Asus K8 VSE at the AMD 3700+ and Suse.9.1 32bit
running FB103 VERY STABLE!
and Suse 8.1 at Intel and FB 1.03 very STABLE
and Suse 9.2 at AMD Tyan Opteron 248 - FB not yet installed but as
soon I have can take a breath

Lester Caine wrote:

>Claus Heeg wrote:
>>Dear Leister,
>>we had similar problems with Suse 9.1 - check 9.2!- this showed more
>>stability and it is far better ! :-)
>>Or stay with 8.1. We run a database server FB at an AMD 3700 cpu box
>>and SATA disks under Suse 8.1 and FB1.03 ---> rock solid !!!
>I'm making progress now - on 9.1 - and even have Eclipse running with
>CVS to the PHP and Firebird source :)
>I think the problem was actually the motherboard BIOS, the version
>supplied is no longer listed on the gigabyte website and having changed
>it, the machine has been up for two days now.
>I've been playing with a few things, and downloaded a lot of stuff. One
>of which is the 9.2 installer, so I will probably wipe the disk
>tomorrow, and try my notes out against a clean 9.2 install ;)

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