Subject Re: [firebird-support] AMD64
Author Claus Heeg
Dear Leister,
we had similar problems with Suse 9.1 - check 9.2!- this showed more
stability and it is far better ! :-)
Or stay with 8.1. We run a database server FB at an AMD 3700 cpu box
and SATA disks under Suse 8.1 and FB1.03 ---> rock solid !!!
Lester Caine wrote:

>Before xmas I got a nice new AMD64 board with a 3000+ processor and
>512Mb RAM - I ripped my old K6-233 motherboard (which ran FB1 nicely)
>out of the rack case and set it up.
>I have always used SUSE so I loaded version 9.1 which was the last DVD I
>had, and for a week I tried to play with the thing. It kept dropping
>back to power-off over night, or just locking up.
>Over xmas it has been running with W2k on 24/7 no problems so I THINK
>that the hardware is fine. I got a new SATA hard disk that was supposed
>to be with it last year, but was late, and in the last two days I've
>reinstalled from scratch 4 times. The only thing that seems stable is a
>raw install from the DVD, any updates seem to cause problems.
>The board is a K8NS-Pro. Anybody using it with Linux - which
>distribution - and thoughts?
>I want to get to a point where I am able to start playing with FB2 on
>this machine (along with PHP5) - including looking at source code (
>which I've never been able to do on Windows because I am on Borland
>compilers only ;) ) Any suggestions as to where I head next. At present
>I'm loathed to pay for a copy of SUSE9.2 even though the SUSE list say
>it will work - they say 9.1 works as well :(