Subject isql + Character Set
Author Sascha Dechert

i am new to this list but i hope someone can/will help me. :P I searched
the archives and Google but did not find anything helpfull.

I am running a Firebird 1.5 SS Server on Fedora Core 2 and i can only
access that server via ssh. I have to execute an SQL-Script thats stored
in ISO-8859_1 character set via isql. When i try to run
"./isql /path/to/database.gdb -i script.sql" i get the error message
"Cannot transliterate between character sets".

The database is initialized with the ISO-8859_1 character set as well.
The script contains (german) umlauts and these are supported by the
ISO-8859_1 character set.

Anyone knows what i am doing wrong or if i'd missed something?