Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help! Application runs fine with FBEmbeddedon two XP systems but not Third
Author Chuck Belanger
Thanks, Helen and Artur!

Here's the bottom line:

I got everything to work fine. At some point it was becoming clear that the CD
drive in the new system was getting flakier and flakier, so I used the new USB
flash drive I gave my wife for Christmas to work from and all of a sudden
everything worked just fine. Go figure. Its strange because the app didn't work
right even when I copied it to the HD, so maybe something got corrupted in the
copy process.

These cheap CD read-write drives, especially with CD-RW disks seem really

Also, Helen, you brought up a several points that I will be looking at more
closely by printing out and re-reading your email--Thanks.
(The issue about using IPServer vs TCP/IP may not apply to this particular app,
but I'm working on another app that it would apply. This particular--the student
testing-- app is pretty basic single instance, one connection, one query at a
time type of an app.)

The app that my wife will be distributing to her students will use FB embedded.
The system on which I'm developing the app has FB 1.5 installed. Maybe that
caused some confusion, sorry.

Thanks, again for your help.

Chuck Belanger