Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird vs. MS SQL Server
Author Carlos H. Cantu
There is one document in BDN site that compares IB with SQLServer...
maybe it is a starting point. Anyway, I have heard that that document
is very "tendencious" :)

FireBase -

CM> Is there any documentation available that compares Firebird to MS SQL
CM> Server. I have numberous potential clients that do not wish to move
CM> from MS SQL because they already know of it. And I cannot provide them
CM> anything other than old InterBase documents that compare that version of
CM> InterBase with the then current version of MS SQL Server.

CM> If there are not some available, who (in the know) could create such
CM> documents? I do not possess enough knowledge of database systems to
CM> create something that would compel someone to move toward Firebird and
CM> be satisfied that it was stable, secure, etc.

CM> Can someone point me the right direction and/or at what I should do?

CM> Thanks.