Subject Help me, about Firebird and Windows NT
Author Jorge Botello

I am trying to install the FireBird in NT Windows 4,
but the FireBird is not been able to executing in way
"Service" how it is the recommended. I already try it
to execute that of manual way (with the command of
FireBird: instsvc start) but it send me an error
"the permission has been refused, one could not
execute." I have attempted it from Control Panel -
Services (of the NT Windows) and it send me the same
error. I have attempted it from the panel of Firebird
that settles Panel in Control but it continue me
producing the same error.

Already unistall the FireBird (not from the control
panel, but directly from the file unins000.exe, how it
are recommended in the files of text of help for the
installation) and I installed again verifying that it
settle like service (and not like application), that
use the Guardian and selecting the SuperServer of
FireBird but the problem persists.

I restart the servant hoping to be executed
automatically and nothing.

I already revise that the NT Windows has the service
pack 6a (another recommendation of the

That does it be making wrong?
Any suggestion please?

Excuse my terrible english.

Thank you very much.

My name is Jorge Botello Juárez.
Ciudad de México (Mexico City), México.

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