Subject Upgrading from v1.0.3 to FB v1.5
Author conhulio1973

Im a newbie to Firebird.

We were currently using the following :

Delphi v5 Pro (with InterBase client i think)
IBO v3.6b
Firebird v1.0.3

We have agreed to upgrade to Delphi v7, IBO v4, and Firebird v1.5
I also installed the InterBase v6.5 client

I followed the instructions for upgrading from v1.0.3 to v1.5 apart
from doing the gbak thing. I simply copied the database files to a
seperate dir.

1. Installed Firebird v1.5 with problem, and had to subsequently
remove interbase.
2. Removed interbase
3. Re-installed Fierbird v1.5 to original directory for app
c:\program files\Firebird
4. did the "instclient i g" (to install the gds32.dll)
5. rebooted computer

We have a guardian program of our own that fires up our message
server that talks to the database. When the gateway fires up, the
error is

335544472, your username or password are not defined. ask your
database admin to setup a firebird login.

Can someone tell me what i need to do to sort this issue out?

I was hoping that the original message.gdb should have worked ok,
but appanretly not.