Subject Re: external functions in stored procedures
Author Eric Merritt
Thanks Helen. I followed your advice and successfully setup the floor
udf. However, its still not usuable in the stored procedure. Do I need
to declare it within the procedure somehow? I will gladly post the
procedure if that is required.


> There are two things you have to do to use an external function:
> 1. Configure the server to look for the library (module) in a
> location (1.5 and later). In firebird.conf, to use the ib_udf
library in
> its standard location, the parameter UDFAccess must be set. The
default is
> correct if you allowed ib_udf to be installed in the default location.
> 2. Declare the function to the database and commit. You will find the
> declaration for floor() in the file ib_udf.sql.
> ./heLen