Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird and Windows problems
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi,
> At September 30, 2004, 16:03, Laurent Duperval wrote:
> > On Linux, even with this problem, the server is started an it is
> > possible to connect to it using a lient. Is this the case for you? If
> > so, it may be because the host is not considered "trusted". To fix it on
> > Linux, you have to add the name of the server to the list of trusted
> > hosts. Maybe you're seeing something similar, but I don't know how to
> > fix it on Windows.
> Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't know if it really applies to
> Windows that easily.
> I don't know what kind of firewall they have on the server, but they
> seem to be knowledgeable about the server. But given the nature of the
> error(bind error), I'm not sure if the firewall has anything to do
> with it. My customer was able to get it working a gain after 2
> reboots, after I sent my first message. But, looking through the
> firebird.log, they have a history of this happening, but it was the
> first time that it was doing it very frequently for 2 days(and it was
> the first time they reported the problem to us). The user that
> reported the problem today, was using our software via a terminal
> session(which is run on the same server as Firebird is installed).
> It's our first customer that is reporting this problem, and for me
> it's the first time I see it.
> While they have everything running again, I'm almost waiting for the
> next time it happens to them.
> --
> Best regards,
> Daniel Rail

two things come to mind.
1. is there more than one NIC installed on this machine? if so are they both
fixed IP or is one DHCP?
2. I would certainly try uninstalling the TCP layer and re-installing it.
Simple job to do but you have to be at the console to do it.