Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Creating unique column entries
Author Laurent Duperval
Laurent Duperval wrote:

>No. I tested it under DbVisualizer and running the straight SQL query
>produces the same result.... Actually, I notice now that even using
>isql.exe does not cause a problem. I thought it was a problem with my
>syntax so I tried:
> Id char(10),
> Name varchar(32) NOT NULL ,
>but it still accepts duplicate names. It isn't a Jaybird problem.
>It almost looks like a bug but before reporting it as such and making a
>fool of myself, is there anywhere else I should turn to for this?

Ok, I investigated this further. To recap, I'm having an issue where
Firebird lets me add duplicate values for columns declared as unique --
I've even seen it for primary keys. It looks like this is a Jaybird
problem after all. Here's what I tried:

- If I run the script that creates the tables in Jaybird, then I can add
duplicates with IBOConsole, with my java application and with isql.exe.
- If I run the script to create the tables in isql.exe, I cannot add
duplicates, whether I'm using isql.exe, my Java application or IBOConsole.

Has anyone else noticed something like this?

I am using Firebird 1.5.1 on Win2K. I am also Jaybird 1.5.1 (although
the manifest says "Implementation-Version: 1.5.0JDK_1.4 (build:
CVSTag=HEAD date=20040916 2348)");