Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: gpre and 1.5 sql extensions (case, coalesce, etc)
Author Peter Faulks
On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 07:53:22 -0000
"i5cvalde" <cvalde@...> wrote:

> The FB team is small. We don't have enough resources to keep gpre and
> qli current with the DSQL syntax. They use their own parser to
> generate BLR directly, unlike isql that talks SQL to the public API.

(Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I or my ISP seem to be having problems with Yahoo)

G'day C,

Thanks for your reply.

I came up with a work around by making all statements that use the new syntax into stored procedures and calling them using esql/gpre in the normal manner.

I might take this over to firebird-architect as it is probably off-topic here, but I would like to see if it could be possible to make gpre use the same parser as the engine? (I am offering my assistance to make this happen - if it is not beyond my ability)

Is QLI used anymore?