Subject Re: gpre and 1.5 sql extensions (case, coalesce, etc)
Author i5cvalde
--- In, Peter Faulks <fbml@i...> wrote:
> G'day,
> I am a great fan of embedded sql and was disappointed to get error
messages when trying the new sql extensions :-(
> I have looked in the archives and read the exchange between Thad
Humphries and Helen.
> quoting Helen:
> """I'm sure nobody will mind if you want to mod gpre. :-) I looked
at the
> source and it reminded me of my son's bedroom..."""
> Well I looked at the source as well and it reminded me of my desk...
> Is there a guide to gpre's source? or at least a list of the blr
thingy's? I could have a go at patching it if I knew what the hell I
was doing :-)

Go to
and look for "Old Documentation set" in that page. Follow the URL and
scroll down to
1987 InterBase Documentation Set
then download the zipped PDF's.
The FB team is small. We don't have enough resources to keep gpre and
qli current with the DSQL syntax. They use their own parser to
generate BLR directly, unlike isql that talks SQL to the public API.