Subject isql keyboard input problem
Author unoengborg
I run isql on Linux Fedora 2.
My locale (LANG environment variable) is sv_SE.UTF-8

isql -z gives:
ISQL Version: LI-V1.5.1.4481 Firebird 1.5

My problem is that I can't input Swedish characters like åäöÅÄÖ
No character is entered when I press the keys. I use a Swedish keyboard.

However it is possible to enter them if I do EDIT and enter a SQL
statement through my default "vi" editor.
The characters also displays correctly if I do a select on tuples
containg such characters.

Is this a know bug? Is there some setting or flag I should apply?
Currently I just start isql by typing isql from the command line with
no parameters.

Uno Engborg