Subject Unable to complete network request to host "Servidor"
Author nefyglez
Hi to everbody, I'm a new one and I'll explain you my problem. I've a
database did build
with Firebird 1.5 and marathon. It database is in the server, I'm at
my workstation (without fisicall access to the server) building an
application using Delphi 6, but frecuently when I try to connect at
the database by IBExpert (The database is registered) and I get this

Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes
sucessful execution of subsequent statements.
Unable to complete network request to host "Servidor".
Failed to stablish a connection.
No se ha podido establecer conexion ya que el equipo ha denegado
activamente dicha conexion. (It means something like:It has not been
possible to establish connection because the equipment has denied
connection actively).

So i try to stablish connection by Delphi and don't let me. After
it i
go to command and I do this:"ping servidor" (without quotes
and by this way I can stablish a connection to the servidor. So I
to IBExpert-->Database Registration Info...-->Test Connect Button
neither I can stablish a connection.

Well it ocurrs a lot times, but too sometimes I can connect to the
database. Somebody know the reasons??.

Nefy Glez.

P.D.: Excusme if you don't understand everthing but my english is not
so good.