Subject Re: slow inserts with Firebird 1.5.1
Author tracegraph
--- In, Tim Ledgerwood <tim@s...>
> :-) I don't do it myself. I wrote it into the program that our
clients are
> using.
> The only place where the fields need to be CHAR is in the import
> In other words, you have the external file, an import table, and
the table
> that your clients are using.
> The program moves the external file data into the import table. In
> import table, all fields are CHAR
> Then the data is moved to the production table, casting the values
in the
> correct data types as you go.
> It is possible to do this so that there is no input from the user
at all.
> (I know, that's how my program works)

It is possible to do it remotely, i.e.: I have the external files on
a local machine (and I do inserts from this computer) and I know IP
address of the Firebird server and database name?