Subject Two records insert slow
Author German Pablo Gentile
I'm inserting two records in two tables and it lock my application for a
few seconds.

FB 1.5.1
Runnning app in Windows 2000 Server
I try a server in the same windows 2000 server where the app live.
I try putting the FB server in my Linux Box and accessing from the app ,
same result.

I put the database buffers in 10000 , writeasync mode,etc. All the group
say for speed .
Anytime i get the cpu at 100% when inserting for a few seconds. In both
cases, runnign FB 1.5.1 in Windows 2000 server or in Linux.

The first table is a typical movement table, it save two values (money
and date) and ten ids pointers to ten tables. All that fields have
foreign keys associated.

Same the second table.

Both tables have 100000 records.

Please any help

Any statistics to see in the database? Any guru idea?