Subject ALTER COLUMN - enhancement
Author karthick srini
Dear Members,

ALTER COLUMN of ALTER CLAUSE supports modification
of data type , name and position.
Eg :
alter table C1 ALTER COLUMN ID2 {TO ID3 | TYPE

What about changing to NULL/NOT NULL , UNIQUE and
DEFAULT value. I think like ADD column ALTER column
can have all such options.
I agree that it may cause some problems in some
situation , Eg : When there are some duplicated data
for an column , setting unique may cause error. But
still Firebird can throw error in such case.

What do you feel about this suggestion ?

If I am wrong correct me. OR If you agree with this ,
do I raise it as feature requirement in Firebird

BTW I am not sure of ANSI standard in this regard ,
but some other DBs(Oracle , MYSQL , PostgresSQL etc)
support this functionality. so what I have raised this
in this forum,

Thanks & regards,

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