Subject File Size Problem
Author Rajesh Punjabi
I have recently shifted to Firebird 1.5.1 on RedHat Linux 8.0 using
Kernel 2.4.18 from an earlier installation of FB1.0

I had a single file database of 947 MB that started giving me problems,
that the client apps would show gds consistency error, cannot continue
after bug check, while the fbserver would restart on the Linux box. I
therefore split this into multiple files having 25K pages each with a
page size of 8192. The restored database was around 932 MB.

This was 6 days ago. Today the combined file size of the multiple files
has again touched 947 MB and the same problems have started again.
Firebird keeps restarting every 30 mins or so. I currently have 5 users
who are querying / inserting / updating the data.

I have a lot of blobs in my database. This is a resume database which
stores the full text resume in a blob.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem ? What could be going wrong ?
Is this a firebird problem or a Linux problem or is it something else ?
Can anyone help me with this.