Subject Re: [firebird-support] GSEC WONT RUN
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:57 AM 25/09/2004 +1000, I wrote:

>The GSEC stuff applies to Linux as well. If you
>have actually installed Firebird on your Win2K system (see below) then you
>are "ready to go".

In fact, the GSEC stuff in the 1.5 Quickstart Guide DOES apply to the
Windows installation, sorry. The purpose of that step is to change the
SYSDBA password from 'masterkey' to something known only to you. It is not
essential at this point, although it is a good way to verify that the
server is running.

In the Quick Start Guide, we should probably be more explicit in saying
that, if you get the "Unavailable database" response, it means the server
is not running.

The questions and comments in my previous email otherwise stand - don't try
to do the manual install. It is intended for experienced users to update
their installations. We currently have no step-by-step How-to for
it. Refer to this comment on Page 5 of the Guide:

Installation script or program
Although it is possible to install Firebird by a filesystem copying method
– such as "untarring" a snapshot build file or decompressing a structured
WinZip .zip file – it is strongly recommended that you use the distributed
release kit the first time you install Firebird. The Windows executable
installation script, the Linux rpm (RedHat Package Manager) program and the
official .tar.gz for other
Posix platforms perform some essential setup tasks. Provided you follow the
instructions correctly, there should be nothing for you to do upon
completion but log in and go!