Subject Re: [firebird-support] GSEC WONT RUN
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:31 PM 24/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> I have downloaded firebird release 1.5.1 release for windows
>and installed it in a Pentium IV computer with Windows 2000. I am
>just getting started with firebird and downloaded the quickstart
>guide but can´t get through the first step, verifying my instalation.
>When I try to run gsec the prompt tells me:
>unavailable database
>unable to open database

The Firebird server probably isn't running. Check the Services applet from
the Administrative Tools folder of your Control Panel.

Did you use the Windows Installer or did you download and unzip the zip file?

Which model of server did you install ? (Classic or Superserver)

> The quickstart mentions that I need to have superuser
>privileges but I don´t know how to do this in Windows 2000,

That applies to Linux. The GSEC stuff applies to Linux as well. If you
have actually installed Firebird on your Win2K system (see below) then you
are "ready to go".

>my user is system administrator.

That's correct for installing on Windows.

>I have not found a way to make it
> Any help would be appretiated.

If you used the zip pack, Firebird is not installed. There are a number of
manual steps you have to take. Novices are not expected to use the zip
pack.You would be well advised to delete everything and begin again using
the installer instead. That is the kit whose file name ends with ".exe".