Subject Modified code - multi connection Meta data update
Author karthick srini
Hi Members ,

This is regarding "Create Table with foreign Key"
when there are more than one connection.
I have debugged firebird code and commented where
exclusive connection check is made. Then with
firebird I was able to create table with FK in
multiple connection. Herewith I have attached the
modified file. Find my changes with in the comment
"<multi connection meta data handling>".
In the file there is a firebird comment saying that
exclusive connection is got to create index properly.
Even when I commented the code getting exclusive
connection check , index gets created properly when I
work on multiple connection. Index get created even
for primarky key. But exclsive connection check is
made only for foreign key based index. So please do
let me know what is the significance in getting
exclusive connection for foreign key based index

Thanks & regards,

Software Engineer

Note: forwarded message attached.

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