Subject Re: Containing vs. Like
Author fowlertrainer
Dear Helen !

I trying that:
SELECT * FROM inst_person
where name containing 'kovács' COLLATE PXW_HUNDC
and name containing 'ágnes' COLLATE PXW_HUNDC

But everything is like before I set collation.

If I write "Ágnes", it is found, if I write "ágnes" then not.

I'm very sad.

I think, that caused by upper problem, because:
upper(ágnes)=áGNES (by FB)

The record's content "Kovács Ágnes" uppered by FB, it maked to:
KOVáCS ÁGNES (because á,Á is not in range A-Z,a-z.)

But my select parameters are uppered as:


The "uppering" is not modifiable by "collate" ?

> >(I need to working with Linux and Windows, so if I create UDF-s, that
> >everytime I need to redeclare UDF-s, when I copy the DataBase
between OSs)
> ????

So: when I write an UDF in Windows by Delphi, it is use DLL. When I
write an UDF in Linux, it is use SO.
I working in localhost (Win), and when I finished with module, I
published in Linux.
But in Linux many user editing the records.
When I want to copy the DB to my machine, to work with fresh datas,
the UDF-s are points wrong path (to an SO).
So I must redefine the UDF's SQL interface by hand after ds file copy.