Subject Classic Server slow on first query
Author Alexandre Benson Smith

There is a guy on a Portuguese FB List, that has problems with FB CS.

I will try to resume what was discussed, and just present his problem,
if someone could help I (and him) will be glad...

He is using FB CS 1.5.0 on Linux and Fb 1.5.1 on WinXP, the both has the
same behaviour.

He has a table with 144 fields 16 FK's and the PK is composed by 3
fields, 26 indices and 9 triggers (I think it's so "big" to be just one
table and that 26 indices could be worst than just a few, but this is
another problem).

What he is experiencing is:
he connects to db using IBexpert and then execute this
update pedres set hreres = '21:21:21' where numres = 7244;

the first time this query took 13 seconds to be executed, after the
first command, the others are instantaneous.

but if he connect using IBExpert, and send a command to another table is
instantaneous, and if after that it execute the same command that took
13 sec. on another session, this time it is instantaneous too...

Could someone shed some light on this ?

Could the table size (too many fields/indices/FK's) be the problem ?

This table has just 6278 records.

If you wish more information like indices statistics I could ask him for
it., but the table is so small that I don't think this could be a problem.

And after the first command on any table, the subsequent are just fast,
so I don't think could be a matter of the table data is or not on cache.

If he does the same on FB SS even on the first command is instantaneous...

Thanks in advance !

See you !


Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda.
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil