Subject RE: [firebird-support] Backup on a remote machine
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I teach a course on our faculty about programming tools for windows, in
> which I adopt Delphi (7) as the the official language and Firebird 1.5
> as RDBMS.
> As part of the requirements of the course, they must develop a system,
> simple but complete, including proposition, design, etc., from A to Z.
> The firebird server is installed on a remote machine to which the
> students have no access, neither phisically nor through the network,
> they only know the path to the directory where they created and maintain
> their individual databases. The problem is that they would like to "take
> the work home", for further development. If my understanding is correct,
> we can not perform a backup operation specifying a local path as
> destination,

Partly wrong/true, it depends on what you are using for the

If you are using gbak.exe from the client, then you are able
to place the resulting backup file on the client too. Your
students need to have the Firebird 1.5 client + the command
line tools (gbak.exe in your case) installed.

You aren't able to put the backup file on the client, if you
are using the Services API, e.g. when using any third-party
tool, which uses the Services API, or if you are using any
Delphi components, which are using the Services API as well.

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