Subject [firebird-support] Backup on a remote machine
Author Eduardo Resek
Hi all.

I teach a course on our faculty about programming tools for windows, in
which I adopt Delphi (7) as the the official language and Firebird 1.5
As part of the requirements of the course, they must develop a system,
simple but complete, including proposition, design, etc., from A to Z.
The firebird server is installed on a remote machine to which the
students have no access, neither phisically nor through the network,
they only know the path to the directory where they created and maintain
their individual databases. The problem is that they would like to "take
the work home", for further development. If my understanding is correct,
we can not perform a backup operation specifying a local path as
destination, so could anyone suggest any means by of which they could
backup (or copy or whatever) their databases so as to have physical
access to it? I thought they could, in pricipal, generate a database
metadata description and rebuild it at their home machines, but many of
them are populated.
So, just by describing my problem I've almost come to a solution. A free
tool to export data to script would do well for their purpposes. If
anyone could point me such one (or a direct solution to the backup/copy
issue), I would be very greatful.

Sorry for taking your time and for my English.