Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.5 install on mandrake 10
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:53 PM 21/09/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>rsa_dude2002 wrote:
> >---
> >
> >it helps if you install xinetd lol thanks for the help everything is
> >fine now
> >
> >
>I had the same problem on Gentoo box, on which xinetd deamon is not
>installed by default.
>I've installed FB1.5 from tar.gz archive. Installation proccess went ok
>- according to installator messages, which seems, as in this case, to
>sometimes give not appropriate information. After I realized that my
>brand new firebird server isn't running (netstat -na|grep 3050 gave me
>no information about running firebird processes) I tried to execute
>fb_inet_server with -D (frankly speaking, i've been searching a lot for
>description of available switches but without success - if there's a
>list of such options, please let me now

There is no "list of switches". A fb_net_server process is created for a
client connection and it is terminated when that client disconnects.

>it worked only for one
>connection - after client disconneted - fb_inet_server closed

That is the expected behaviour using the direct-connect local client,
libfbembed.dll. If inetd/xinetd is not running, can connect
directly to a database.

Try connecting two clients, e.g. by connecting to a database via isql from
two different command shells. Then do ps -aux | grep fb and you will see
two processes named fb_inet_server.

>Is there any switch, that can make firebird run as a deamon without
>xinetd/inetd service installed ?

No switch. It is a matter of client library and protocol. Remote clients
can connect using but not Either client can
connect locally; however, to use libfbclient locally, you must use the
TCP/IP local loopback protocol, viz. localhost:/data/mydb.fdb

>Gentoo users may ask why I've tried to install FB from tar.gz while
>there is portage package prepared. Well, by default that package
>compiles fb as superserver which is not desirable version for me.
>Moreover gentoo startup scripts are prepared to work only with
>SuperServer version. I you are a Gentoo user and have any experience
>installing FB1.5 on gentoo, please let me know.

Perhaps when you have a reliable installation procedure worked out, you
would like to share what you did by writing an installation readme.