Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.5 install on mandrake 10
Author Paweł Sulkowski
rsa_dude2002 wrote:

>it helps if you install xinetd lol thanks for the help everything is
>fine now
I had the same problem on Gentoo box, on which xinetd deamon is not
installed by default.

I've installed FB1.5 from tar.gz archive. Installation proccess went ok
- according to installator messages, which seems, as in this case, to
sometimes give not appropriate information. After I realized that my
brand new firebird server isn't running (netstat -na|grep 3050 gave me
no information about running firebird processes) I tried to execute
fb_inet_server with -D (frankly speaking, i've been searching a lot for
description of available switches but without success - if there's a
list of such options, please let me now - but for heaven's sake please
do not send me back to the source code;), but it worked only for one
connection - after client disconneted - fb_inet_server closed ( after I
issued 'netstat -na' command there was information about listening at
3050 port by firebird proccess and I couldn't connect anymore)
After hours of tries, I've realized that problem lies in xinetd :) So
I've installed xinetd and now everthing works fine.

Is there any switch, that can make firebird run as a deamon without
xinetd/inetd service installed ?

Gentoo users may ask why I've tried to install FB from tar.gz while
there is portage package prepared. Well, by default that package
compiles fb as superserver which is not desirable version for me.
Moreover gentoo startup scripts are prepared to work only with
SuperServer version. I you are a Gentoo user and have any experience
installing FB1.5 on gentoo, please let me know.

Pawel Sulkowski

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