Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Firebird and MS-SQL
Author Daniel Rail

At September 20, 2004, 09:37, Steffen Heil wrote:

> The most important one is, that you will be able to write stored procedures
> in any language you like, as long as there is a compiler for the CLR/CLI for
> it. And this already applies for most.

> Another point, wich goes even further is, that you can debug stored
> procedures using your favorite CLR/CLI debugger right inside the database.

> Firebird at this time only supports SQL for stored procedures, which is
> sufficient for most things, but there is no real way to debug it. Also, a
> lot of nice features of most higher level languages are not available in
> SQL.

> I see that most open source developers do not want to use the CLR / CLI,
> since is was developed by Microsoft, however they are now a free
> ECMA-standard, so I think this is no reason. And with mono there is already
> a runtime available.

> Is there any chance such things get included in firebird somewhen ?

Someone has already started the development to support external
procedures made with any programming language. Although the first
implementation will be for Java. And, that plugin can be used as a
template to create one for another language or platform. You might see
it in FB 3.0, because if I remember correctly, it won't be ready for
FB 2.0. And if I remember, it is being developed by someone outside of
the Firebird team. So, when this new feature will be ready, a person
should be able to develop a plugin for CLR/CLI.

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