Subject AW: [firebird-support] Firebird and MS-SQL
Author Steffen Heil

> I´m migratting software from MS-SQL database server to firebird and I
would like to make two questions:
> - Is there a way that firebird database can comunicate with a MS-SQL
> - Is there a way to firebird execute a certain task periodically?

> The system needs to get data from another system and to do it the firebird
database need to periodically execute one stored procedure in the MS-SQL
database. Is this possible?

No, firebird cannot call anything external at the moment.
The exception to this rule are UDFs. You could write an UDF, that calls the
MS-SQL stored procedure.

Anyway, I am a big fan of firebird and really love it. However, the upcoming
features of MS-SQL are really nice and I would like to see some of them in

The most important one is, that you will be able to write stored procedures
in any language you like, as long as there is a compiler for the CLR/CLI for
it. And this already applies for most.

Another point, wich goes even further is, that you can debug stored
procedures using your favorite CLR/CLI debugger right inside the database.

Firebird at this time only supports SQL for stored procedures, which is
sufficient for most things, but there is no real way to debug it. Also, a
lot of nice features of most higher level languages are not available in

I see that most open source developers do not want to use the CLR / CLI,
since is was developed by Microsoft, however they are now a free
ECMA-standard, so I think this is no reason. And with mono there is already
a runtime available.

Is there any chance such things get included in firebird somewhen ?


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