Subject RE: [firebird-support] Adding time to date
Author Planles
> What I need to do is system for employee worktime management.
> BEGINNING is date+time of starting and END is date+time of ending. Trick
> is that workday can end on next date. This system is going to be used in
> factory what has workshifts (daily, nightly etc.). Work can begin on
> evening and end in morning. I need to be able to generate reports from
> that how many hours someone worked on certain date. For example
> 16.09.2004 19:00-24:00 (5 hours)
> 17.09.2004 00:00-06:00 (6 hours)

I'm working on similar application, and I ran into same problem.
I think there is NO possibillity to write time as 24:00, but the max value
is 23:59:59,999.

I was already considering storing time in houndreds format as float value
(8:30 as 8,50).

I would apprechiate if anybody else can share expirience on that.