Subject Re: [firebird-support] problem while executing query
Author Martijn Tonies

> I am working on a project in dotnet. and I am using firebird
> database and fbdotnetprovider1.6. I am facing a problem when
> inserting or updating the email value. What happens is the '@'
> symbol with the domain name is getting replaced with a ? mark. i.e
> the id prasanna@... is replaced with prasanna?.com. Don't know
> where the problem is. Moreover this problem is occuring when I
> execute a procedure with the input parameters as a concatenated
> string and while not passing the parameter values individually.
> eg: Execute procedure
> Procedure_name 'prasanna','kumar','prasanna@...'... if i am
> executing like this then the email value is getting replaced.
> if i am using the parameter collection object then this problem is
> not occuring .
> Can anyone tell me why this problem is occuring and where the
> problem is ?

Sounds like the .NET provider is replacing @<something> with parameters.

Is "@identifier" the .NET default for parameters?

If so, you have to escape it, or use parameters and don't use literal
values at all.

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