Subject [firebird support]- Id message about Win 2003 Server
Author David C
Hello List

I wonder if Anyone knows the ID message on the list
about problems with Win 2003 server
please you can give the ID's .

I have been looking for information about that but
only found one and it isn´t have answer.

Anyone can help me with this:

Exists any problem with Windows 2000 Server and
Windows 2003 Server.
I had a problem with this system .when I install
interbase 6.0.1 this overwrite
some dll's and when Windows restart doesn't
work.(Windows Uses These dll's) Finally Interbase
6.0.1 Install failed and doesn't work,

Exist this problem with Firebird 1.5 or upper

Thanks for your help. I wait any soon answer from you.

please excuse me for my english, its not better

David Contreras

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