Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help accessing FB in win98
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Francisco,

Let's try to keep the quotes within limits ;-)

>> Please open a command window on the server machine, cd to the
>> Firebird bin subdirectory and type this (on one line):
>> isql -user sysdba -pass masterkey
>> "localhost/3050:C:\Kooky\SiGet\dados\SIGET.FDB" <ENTER>

> Whey trying this: isql -user sysdba -pass masterkey
> "localhost/3050:C:\Kooky\SiGet\dados\SIGET.FDB"
> I get this: ERROR SQLCODE -922

Again just the number, no text message? This error means: File is not
a valid database. We cannot be 100% sure if this refers to SIGET.FDB
or the security database, but I suspect it's SIGET.FDB.

To be absolutely sure, you could try this (from the bin subdir):

isql -user sysdba -pass masterkey ..\examples\employee.fdb

Note: if you're using Firebird 1.0.x, the extension is .gdb instead of

If you can't connect like this, you may have to specify localhost +
the absolute path, e.g.

isql -user sysdba -pass masterkey
"localhost:C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\examples\employee.fdb"

Check the exact filename + path in the Windows Explorer if necessary.

If you can connect to the example database, and you can select from
its tables, your Firebird setup is OK (except maybe the messages
file). You can doublecheck this by connecting to the example database
with your Java app.

In that case, only SIGET.FDB is corrupt. Make a backup (using gbak or
an admin tool, NOT via filesystem copy) of this database on your XP
machine (first check if it still works there!) and restore it (again
with gbak) on your 98 machine.

But if connecting to the example database gives the same error as
to SIGET.FDB, your Firebird setup is corrupt. In that case I would
- Uninstall Firebird;
- Check your Windows system dir for copies of gds32.dll and/or
fbclient.dll and if found, destroy them;
- Reinstall Firebird;
- Check with isql if you can connect to and work with the example
database now. If yes, also try SIGET.FDB. Then, try the same from
your app. If it doesn't work, well... we'll have to see then ;-)

If you need general help with installing, testing and connecting, get
the Quick Start Guide. Versions for both 1.0 and 1.5 can be found

Paul Vinkenoog