Subject Re: [firebird-support] Service manager backup in Linux?
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:45 PM 12/09/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Is backup using the service manager working in 1.5.1 under Linux?


>When I try to run the following:
>gbak -b -user sysdba -pas xxxxxxx -v -nt -se 'whale:service_mgr'
>'whale:sos_be' sos_be-nt.fbk

The syntax isn't right. You'll need to provide the path to the database
and to the backup file; and there are no quotes in the syntax.

Let's say you keep all your database files in /data/ and your backup files
in /data/backups:

Calling gbak from the bin directory of a a remote Windows client:
gbak -b -user sysdba -pas xxxxxxx -v -nt -se whale:service_mgr
/data/sos_be /data/backups/sos_be-nt.fbk

Calling it from the bin directory a remote poisix client:
./gbak -b -user sysdba -pas xxxxxxx -v -nt -se whale:service_mgr
/data/sos_be /data/backups/sos_be-nt.fbk

You'll also need to make sure that:

1) the SYSDBA user is a member of the firebird group on the server
2) that the file permissions of your /data directory structure are set rwx
for both the owner and the group

>I get the following error:
>gbak: writing domain RDB$10
>gbak: ERROR: Error writing data to the connection.

This looks like something different to a permissions error: it looks as
though either you lost the network connection or the the server crashed
when gbak attempted to write.

>gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

So try getting the permissions properly set up and use the right
syntax. Note, if you're doing this locally on Classic, don't try to use
the -se switch at all - it's only for remote backups.

If it's Superserver, in fact I think you probably have to use the -se
switch, even if you are running gbak on the local machine. If you're
trying to do the backup on the local machine, use localhost:service_mgr for
the -se argument, not whale:service_mgr