Subject Re: Unclear error calling sp from delphi
Author glenner003
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> At 02:15 PM 10/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I have a stored procedure in firebird 1.5 wich wordks from
> >and from sqlexplorer, but fails when called from delphi.
> >
> >The error I get is "General SQL error. Internal error".
> >
> >I am using Delphi 4 and the BDE.
> The InterBase driver for the BDE with Delphi 4 is for InterBase 5.0.
> >I already tried it in a very simple program, the error stays. Other
> >Stored Procedure in the same database are working just fine, the
> >difference is that this sp adds records to a table with a
> >field ("ONTVANGENOP" TIMESTAMP Default 'Now' NOT NULL).
> >
> >Anybody any idea?
> Yup. InterBase 5 didn't support the TIMESTAMP type or quoted

Never seen any problem there.

> There are other data types it won't support; and a large number of
new SQL
> constructs. The nearest you'll get to supporting Firebird is BDE
5.2 (the
> last-ever) driver which I think you can ONLY get with Delphi 6
> Enterprise. But it doesn't fully support the Dialect 3 datatypes
> either. (Borland has completely deprecated the BDE for everything
> Access and Paradox...)
> Basically, ditch the BDE and get an alternative data access layer.
> Objects (I think) is the only (and anyway, best) option for working
> Firebird and Delphi 4. (Though UIBComponents and one or two of the
> "thin" data access packages *might* have a Delphi 4 version...)
> See
> btw, this is not a Delphi list.

No it isn't, but still the question is a firebird realated question!

> ./heLen

The cause of this problem was in the parameter list generated by the
BDE. It converted the last field (varchar(1024) to a parameter of
type blob.

The solution was simple, h=just manually adjust the parameter
settings to string and all worked fine.

Thanks for your help.