Subject Can't get Generator to work.
Author Steven Taylor
Hope someone can help.

FB 1.5 WinXP Marathon GUI.

I'm using the Marathon program to create all the tables and set settings.
I'm having trouble with 'auto-increment' type fields. I've just read a
heap of past messages containing keywork 'generators' but none really
helped, only confused me as to why I can't get it to work.

My understanding is, in order to create a unique number, a generator is
created, link or attach that to a trigger and finally at the table end, that
trigger is called in 'before insert'.

When attempting to insert data using Marathon an error message is returned
"Trip_ID" field must have a value. "Trip_ID" field is an integer (not
null) and is suppose to have been populated with an incremented (unique)
number. This is not occurring.

Is my understanding correct or am I missing something. (I'm coming from a
MS Access background)

Any help would be appreciated.

Steven Taylor
Melbourne, Australia.