Subject Re: [firebird-support] embedded firebird under linux fails when no /opt/firebird/XYZ exist
Author Niki Ivanchev
>No: it's an unfortunate naming confusion.
> on Linux is not the "linux-equivalent" of the Windows
>embedded server. It is a non-threadable client to the Classic server, than
>enables direct local connection to a database. It is typically used to
>write "embedded applications", viz. applications that can have a special
>variety of SQL (known as "Embedded SQL") embedded in the program
>sources. When these sources are pre-processed, this SQL is converted to C
>macro calls that are embedded in the application.
>You should have no difficulty connecting to a Classic server with the local
>client ( just as usual. It provides a one-user model that it
>just as compact as the Windows embedded server: but it's not an embedded
> can be used as a regular API client on the local machine.
>Classic server needs all its pieces in the proper (installed)
>locations. If you move them (as you would for Window embedded server) the
>client/server connection won't work.
>I saw your postings in Firebird-java, and Roman's responses, so it's
>obvious you are not the only one confused by this.
Thanks Helen, but..
my simple question is - I distribute my apps for Windows with 3 dlls and
they just work. For any user. But when I have to do this in Linux - I
have to write some files in /opt/firebird .. a place where ordinary user
may not have sufficient rights to do so. So please can you guide me a
little how can I work this out.