Subject Re: [firebird-support] Where is QLI manual/tutorial/docs?
Author Daniel Rail

At September 9, 2004, 13:14, Adrian Allende wrote:

> Hello
> seems to be an appendix, there is a complete document?
> There is another manual/tutorial/doc ?

There doesn't seem to be any other than this small document:;KNOWLEDGEBASE;ID='70'

And, the qli_syntax.pdf file that you found is the document that you
will need to learn QLI's syntax.

> at
> thre is a note about
> InterBase to InterBase - Cross database Table-data copy using QLI.exe
> but the sintax is not ISQL or any other familiar to me.

That's where the document that you found on IBPhoenix comes in. If I'm
not mistaken, QLI was written before there was a SQL standard (Ann
would probably know the exact information).

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