Subject Execute rights in security database
Author gskempes
I would like to execute the stored procedure "ChangePassword"
(downloaded from IBExpert) inside the security database in order to
allow all users to modify their passwords.

The script for creating this stored procedure contains grants:
"grant execute on procedure ChangePassword to public;"
"grant update (passwd) on users to procedure ChangePassword;"

Although I'm able to connect to the security as non-SYSDBA user and
execute queries like "select * from users", all I get while executing
"execute procedure ChangePassword('MYUSER', 'newPass')" is:

"This user does not have privilege to perform this operation on this
no permission for execute access to DATABASE ."

Do I need to grant special rights for executing stored procedures in
general or where is the problem?

Thanks in advance,
Georgios Skempes

P.S.: The source code of the stored procedure is:

declare external function f_IBPassword
entry_point 'IBPassword' module_name 'FreeUDFLib.dll';

create exception exc_not_permitted 'Action not permitted';

set term ^ ;

create procedure ChangePassword
(user_name varchar(128), passwd varchar(32))
if (((USER != 'SYSDBA') and (USER != :user_name)) or
(:user_name is null) or
(:user_name = '') or
(:passwd is null) or
(:passwd = '')) then
exception exc_not_permitted;

update users
set passwd = f_IBPassword(:passwd)
where user_name = UPPER(:user_name);
end ^