Subject Re: [firebird-support] Accessing a IB6 db from FB 1.5
Author Jerome Bouvattier
Hi Lee,

> Hi Jerome,
> Solution for us:
> 1. Read Release Notes.
> 2. Read Release Notes some more.
> 3. Back up existing IB DB USING IB to a gbk.
> 4. Uninstall Interbase and MANUALLY DELETE ANY LEFT OVER FILES like gds32,
> *.msg files, etc).
> 5. Install FB.
> 6. Restore gbk with FB.
> 7. Repeat for IB client install on workstations.
> A few of our customers got really angry so I guess a lesson learned is a
> lesson learned for us. All we had to do was do it the right (more
> difficult) way from jump street.

Thanks for the warning. Actually the nightmare is right now for us. We send
update scripts every months to our customers to sync there db. The last one
revealed a bug in IB6 that instantly leads to corruption of the db.
Tests show that FB does not suffer from this problem. Hence the decision to

I was hoping I could cut the automation of the
backup_with_IB6_restore_with_FB process and go something along
install_FB_then_backup_and_restore. Your experience says I shouldn't. Too
bad, this means lots of fun automating this for complete computer illiterate
people now :(.

Thanks for your help.