Subject RE: [firebird-support] Accessing a IB6 db from FB 1.5
Author Lee Jenkins
> Before developping all this migration stuff, I wondered what I
> would risk in
> installing FB right away.
> Would I risk corruption ? Or is this just a matter of improvements users
> would not benefit from ?
> Would subsequent backups of those IB6 dbs be a problem ?
> If some of those dbs are corrupted before the upgrade to FB15, would it
> increase the chances to not recover them ?
> Thank you very much for your help.
> --
> Jerome

Hi Jerome,

We started using IB 6 Open Ed. a while back with our main app and decided to
switch directly over to FB after about a year or so with IB and about 300 of
our clients using the Interbase version of our software.

Don't even put yourself through it. Odd crashes, inconsistent data writes
that we couldn't explain, what a tech support cluster fart. Good that we
were switching to FB that is actively developed, bad that we didn't do it
the right way for about 30 or so clients and believe me, they depend on our
software to run their business. Luckily we cought it early cause customers
were yammering for the new SQL version of our software (was MS Access) and
we could have made a real mess for ourselves :)

1. On some installs, the IB database was not backed up to transportable
format, but backed up and restored from FB (dah!)

2. Some installs kept gds32.dll on the system after install and a reboot and
that was fun tracking down.

Solution for us:

1. Read Release Notes.
2. Read Release Notes some more.
3. Back up existing IB DB USING IB to a gbk.
4. Uninstall Interbase and MANUALLY DELETE ANY LEFT OVER FILES like gds32,
*.msg files, etc).
5. Install FB.
6. Restore gbk with FB.
7. Repeat for IB client install on workstations.

A few of our customers got really angry so I guess a lesson learned is a
lesson learned for us. All we had to do was do it the right (more
difficult) way from jump street.

Warm Regards,